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KAKA Industrial Metal Cut Band Saw

Effortlessly Cut Through Metal with KAKA Industrial's Horizontal Band Saw - BS-712N, Featuring a 7x12 Capacity, 4 Step Blade Speeds, and a Powerful 1.5HP Motor for Precision and Efficiency!

- Powerful Motor: The metal horizontal band saw is equipped with a 5HP motor that can operate on both 115V and 230V 1PH power sources. This ensures that the saw can handle tough jobs and operate efficiently.
- Durable: The KAKA Industrial Horizontal Band Saw is made with high-quality materials and is built to last. Its sturdy construction and reliable performance make it a great investment for anyone who needs a reliable metal cutting tool.

The KAKA Industrial horizontal band saw 7x12 Capacity BS-712N is a top-of-the-line metal bandsaw that is perfect for cutting through tough materials. With 4-step blade speeds that can be easily adjusted by pulley wheel driven, this metal horizontal band saw is versatile and efficient. The 1.5HP motor runs on 115V / 230V 1PH, making it a powerful tool for any metalworking project. The metal cut band saw is designed for precision cutting and is ideal for use in machine shops, metalworking shops, and fabrication shops. The BS-712N has a 7x12 capacity, making it perfect for cutting a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, and copper. With its durability, reliability, and precision, the KAKA Industrial horizontal band saw 7x12 Capacity BS-712N is a must-have tool for any metalworking professional.